About us:


We are an emergency nursing couple, with the idea of giving back to the nursing community, addressing the many needs of nurses. We believe that if we can do our part to lift the nursing community, we can assist in the fight to improve healthcare for our society as a whole.


We met, flooded in the hospital for days during the disaster of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and have been united towards our combined mission of helping others, ever since. While we feel fulfilled helping individual patients in the Emergency Department, we have the desire to help many more. With this, we decided to grow and take on new roles. Rebeca has found a passion educating staff, whereas David has transitioned to quality to trend data and monitor for areas of improvement in the care of our patients. We continue to pick up additional shifts in the Emergency Department assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, we originally began DaReb’s Nursing Tees to provide additional financial support to nursing students. Now we need students graduating more than ever! We since have grown to understand there are many associations and funds that directly benefit nurses in their profession, so we decided to create designs geared towards these organizations to provide funding to all.


We are all fighting for the same cause… The improvement of human lives. Thank you for joining us!